GIF ventilated ceilings operate as overall surface supply and extract fields. The individual cassettes separate fat and condensate by harnessing the physical phenomena of moment of inertia and condensation. The phase separation chambers are so constructed that dirt, fat, and other suspensed particles settle on the inner faces of the small registers. By using standardised, removable cassettes, access to all services passing through the plenum is straightforward.

A revolution in front cooking!

Stops the spreading of cooking smells
Front cooking is one of the modern trends in the catering trade. However due to cross venting in these areas it is virtually impossible to capture the rising vapors created when cooking using a conventional extraction system (e.g. hoods).

Cross venting caused for example by passing guests or open doors can lead to the fact that the vapors, fat particles and other pollution do not reach the collection area of the hood but are transported to other areas.

Hidria GIF, a market leader in the area of kitchen ventilation, presents the Jet stream extractor that guarantees perfectly balanced air conditions in the front cooking areas.

The elegant, filigree Jet stream extractor is an excellent solution for restaurants with front cooking areas. Instead of a hood a glass plate with a stainless steel extraction pipe is installed at breast height directly above the woks and grills to enable an immediate extraction of the polluted air.

The advantages

  • Optimal extraction with capture effectiveness higher than 95%.
  • The high velocity extraction eliminates the effect of cross venting.
  • Nearly no polluted air or smells reach the guest areas.
  • Easy accessibility to the filters, for optimal servicing.
  • The integration of a fire extinguishing system and lighting is possible.
  • As an optional extra the Jet stream extractor can be fitted with a self cleaning system that automatically rinse the aerosol separators and thus eliminating the need for manual cleaning.
  • Can be supplied as one-, two- or three pipe systems.